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Tell Me What to Write Next!


Have you every thought one of my novels was horrible, but didn’t know how to tell me? Do you have opinions about what you’d like to see me write next? By answering the survey, you will not only help me improve my stories and products, but you will help determine the course of what I write in the coming years. Which books deserve sequels? Which series deserve continuing? What genres should I focus on, or give up? The survey covers just about every aspect of writing and publishing and all of your answers will be sent to me for assimilation and will play a serious part in what I write and publish next. And it’s totally anonymous, so you can be honest without fear of being blocked on Facebook (I wouldn’t do that either way) or killed horribly in one of my novels (chances are, I’ll still do this).

To take the survey (should only take about 5 minutes) just follow this link.

Thank you to all who take part. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

Maberry and Robinson – Take the Survey and Choose Their Fate

I’m going to be working on a crossover short story to be included in Jonathan Maberry’s upcoming Joe Ledger anthology. Rather than leaping right in, I thought it would be fun to get reader feedback first. Which character would you most like to see meet, and kick ass with, Joe Ledger? Where will the story take place? What will the tone be like? This is your chance to weigh in and help shape the story. Here’s a link to the short survey:

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