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Henry Rollins Proves that Old Men (Really Old Men) Can Still Kick Ass – A Review of He Never Died


A review of 
He Never Died
By Christopher Ouellette


It can be very hard to get the right balance for a likable super hero. You need him to be somehow able to stand up to amazing odds and thrill with magnificent feats of daring. At the same time, they have to be relatable. They have to have some way that they could lose, so that the fighting means something. Henry Rollins’s character, Jack, strikes that balance perfectly in the new film He Never Died. (That’s right, there are new films out that are not Episode VII.) This movie is dark and gritty, but once again, it has a great sense of balance. There are likable characters that make you happy to see them and concerned about their situation. It feels like early Quentin Tarantino with a supernatural twist.

Now before I go on, I will get into information that is revealed in the trailer, but seems like a spoiler to me. I’ll say, if you like cool guys, being awesome, and over-the-top characters with over-the-top violence played with a respect that brings inevitability to the whole thing, then you should just stop here and check out this film.

If you want more information (and there is a lot of research to say that spoilers do not take away enjoyment, but who knows) I will go on with actual analysis of the film. Jack lives alone in a crappy apartment. He sleeps a lot, but is haunted by sounds of terror. He finds refuge in a local church by playing a very focused game of Bingo. Continue reading

Star Trek…BEYOND. Trailer.


Following yesterday’s exciting ID4 Resurgence trailer is today’s release of Star Trek Beyond. While I’m still excited to see this movie (I enjoyed the last two, though none come close to Wrath of Khan) but you can see the director’s Fast and Furious roots. It looks and feels more like a brainless action flick than a smart Star Trek story. It might be fun, but I feel like this one might be missing its soul. What do you think? Does the action-packed trailer accurately represent the movie? While I love action, and even enjoy the Fast and Furious franchise, I like my Star Trek with a helping or two of smarts.

Independence Day…2! The Trailer

Since the first ID4 movie was a big influence on me (I’m sure you’re shocked) and one of my long time favorite movies, despite it’s over abundance of patriotism (or maybe because of it), I a super psyched to see a sequel that looks like it could be better than the first. Thrilled that Goldblum and Pullman are back. I’ve seen a lot of trailers for sci-fi, comic book movies but few made me smile like this. Check it out!

What do you think? Will it be awesome?

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